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New Registration for COVID-19 Vaccinations for Carroll County

To get a COVID-19 Vaccination appointment. You can sign up by directly clicking the the symbol below or by download the mobile app. For detailed instructions click on the documents to right. CCGHD will no longer be calling to schedule appointments. The electronic system will notify you, of your scheduled appointment by email.

Detailed ArmorVax Vaccine Registration Instructions

ArmorVax Frequently Asked Questions

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Covid-19 Vaccination Clinics

New Eligibility for COVID 19 Vaccinations

The Ohio Department of Health has opened up new eligible Ohioans. Individuals who are 18 and older AND have a qualifying medical condition which you were born with or who have had early childhood conditions that carried into adulthood that is listed below are now eligible to be vaccinated. You must identify yourself as meeting this eligibility criteria. To make an appointment please see the ArmorVax information at the top of the page. Please be aware that we are still limited on the amount of vaccine and a very high demand.

Phase 1B Current Eligible Medical Conditions

Phase 1C Current Eligible Medical Conditions and Occupations

Current Occupations Eligible

Please click the button below to sign up for the "No Waste List"
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At this time this list is for Carroll County residents the age 65 and older ONLY. This does not guarantee a dose of the vaccine or an appointment. This list will be used to call for when we have extra doses available. Please note you may need to meet the health department nurses in the community not only at the health department. To put your name on this list please click the button to the right.

COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics

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Currently Eligible Medical Conditions

Sickle cell anemia
Down Syndrome
Cystic fibrosis
Muscular dystrophy
Cerebral palsy
Spina bifida
People born with severe heart defects requiring regular specialized medical care
Phenylketonuira (PKU), Tay-Sachs and other rare, inherited metabolic disorders
Epilepsy with continuing seizures; hydrocephaly; microcephaly; and other severe neurological disorders
Turner syndrome, fragile X syndrome, Prader-WIlli syndrome, and other severe genetic disorders
People with severe asthma, who have been hospitalized for this in the past year
Alpha and beta thalassemia
Solid organ transplant candidates and recipients
Pregnant women
ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease)
Bone Marrow transplant recipients
People with Type 1 diabetes

Currently Eligible Occupations

Child Care Services
          This includes staff, administrators, assistant teachers, substitute teachers

CCGHD is now offering COVID-19 testing.

Please call our office 330-627-4866 ext 1561 to schedule an appointment.


(2019 Novel Coronavirus)
Please follow the links below to see the most recent updates from the Ohio Department of Health and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. If you have any questions or concerns please call The Carroll County General Health District at 330-627-4866 ext 1530
For More Information on COVID-19 click below to access CDC information.
Centers of Disease Control and Prevention
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Ohio Department of Health Guidelines

Carroll County General Health District COVID-19 Response Changes

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